Salone di Duesseldorf

Sembrava un palazzo la world premiere Cranchi 78 nel padiglione al coperto!

Con in bella mostra le pinne HUmphree.

Foto di una altra era, in cui si potevano fare i “bagni di folla”.

Duesseldorf Boot Fair

In the indoor Pavillon environment she was looking as a big crystal palace: the world premiere Cranchi 78!

With Humphree fins shining like in the shop windows.

Photo taken from another “era”, when walking in the crawd of people was still normal.

Tender Custom Van Dutch 44’

Si tratta di un velocissimo tender customizzato per asservire uno dei giga yacht oltre i 100m della Benetti.

Abbiamo montato interceptors X300 last minute prima di Natale.

Prove in mare previste al ritorno della nave madre dai Caraibi.

Tender Custom Van Dutch 44’

Very fast customized tender to supporto one of the >100m giga yachts of  Benetti.

We mounted X300 interceptors last minute before Christmas.

Sea trials to be performed when the mother boat will be back from Caraibbeans.

Jeanneau 520 Prestige

A Fiumicino abbiamo installato una coppia di X900 per un esigente cliente: abbiamo optato per la versione full optional, ovvero con stabilizzazione dinamica ACTIVE.

Lavori quasi terminati, manca la finitura e poi via in acqua

Jeanneau 520 Prestige

In Fiumicino (Rome) we  installed a pair of X900 for a very demanding client: he choosed a full optional version, i.e. ACTIVE dynamic stabilization.

Works in progress, as soon painting and finiture will be completed … water launch!

Cantieri Estensi Gold Star 44

Siamo andati fino a Lampedusa per stanare questo motoryacht, su cui si sverna nella bella stagione un armatore residente in freddo Paese esterno.

Per rendere piacevoli e sicuri i suoi trasferimenti da e per Sicilia ha tassativamente richiesto la stabilizzazione dinamica ACTIVE.

Abbiamo smontato i vecchi e piccoli QL e montato degli abbondanti X750 con la loro escursione da 50mm.

Scalpitiamo per conoscere la data varo dopo il quale potremo  misurare le performance.

Cantieri Estensi Gold Star 44

We had to go as South as to Lampedusa Island to upgrade this motoryacht.

To make more safe and comfortable the frequent travels from and to Sicily of her owner ( a sea lover who lives in a cold foreign Nation) the ACTIVE dynamic stabilisation was a must again.

Taken out the little QL blades we installed a generous pair of X750 with their 50mm stroke.

We look forward to knowing the launch date to go and measure the improved performance.


Foschi M/N da 26m per la pesca turistica

Una interessante applicazione, che indica un nuov trend: barca nuova, in legno, appena sfornata e destinata a portare in mare pescatori sportivi appassionati. Potenti riflettori a led su tutte le fiancate per la pesca notturna. Supertecnologia mimitizzata in una  forma superclassica, che non lascia spazio alle mode.

Il suo armatore, lupo di mare di lungo corso, ha saggiamente priorizzato l’investimento di gran parte del budget in sistemi per ottimizzare le caratteristiche di  tenuta al mare: non potevano mancare gli intercpetors.

Monta i più grandi disponibili sul mercato: i nostri HE1500 (larghi 1,5m cadauno con corsa extralunga da 75mm). Attende sulla banchina di Cesenatico con la pazienza tipica del pescatore il semaforo verde delle Autorità per la sua prima prova in mare.

Foschi M/N da 26m for the touristic sport fishing

A very interesting application, which points out a new trend: just assembled woodden hull boat, ready to bring sport fishing experts off shore.

Powerfull led lights all around the boat, suitable for night fishing.

A supertechnological vessel camoufled in a classic shape, that doesn’t give any space to useless fashion style.

Her owner, an experienced sea wolf, wisely invested big part of the construction budget into systems aimed to improve navigability characteristcs: couldn’t be without intercpetors.

She mounts the bigger pair available on the off-the-shelf market: our HE1500 (width 1,5m/each with 75mm extralong stroke).

She Is waiting her seatrials on Cesenatico harbour quay with the typical fisherman patience.

Azimut Magellano 25m

E’ stata varata con successo questa nuova linea a vocazione esploratrice che si affianca al best seller più sportivo 25m Grande, sui cui avevano esordito le pinne Humphree.

Dunque secondo modello importante della Casa di Avigliana con pacchetto full dell’Humphree interceptors + pinne stabilizzatrici. E’ stata l’occasione per introdurre sul mercato la grande novità della nostra inedita linea di pinne grandi , in questo caso da 1,3mq/cad. Ora arriviamo a ben coprire anche la fascia di lunghezza fino a 35m con una sola coppia di pinne fino 1,5mq/cad).

Risultati delle prove per questo yacht di 23m al galleggiamento e dislocamento di 79tons:

  • un ottimo 73% di riduzione rollio a zero speed grazie alle pinne
  • +5% di velocità grazie agli interceptors (2xH1000). Energia ben spesa!

Azimut Magellano 25m

The first boat has been successfully launched!

This new line with exploring aims is manufactured parallely to the 25m Grande, with more sport attitude, where Humphree fins have made debout on serial produced Azimut yachts.

Second important model line of Avigliana Shipyard with Humphree full package intergated system (interceptors + stabilizing fins).

It gave us the opportunity to introduce on the OEM market our new big fins product line (in this case 1,3sqm/each fin) presented in Cannes.

Now we can easily cover with a twin fin system a vessel range  till to 35m and more (bigger fin size is 1,5sqm/each).

Test main result for this 23m Lwl and 79tons displacement are:

  • excellent 73% roll reduction at zero speed thanks to our fin system;
  • +5% of speed, thanks to two H1000 interceptors.

Energy spent in the best way!

E ora vediamo le novità Humphree dalla altre parti del mondo.

And now let us tell you Humphree news form other parts of the world 

Latest news from HUMPHREE

  • Humphree Interceptors for Multi-role crewboat
  • Self docking Molslinjen Express1
  • Maryland Pilots Order Launch from Gladding-Hearn
  • Excellent Auto Trim for Rodman 1090 Evolution
  • Humphree Interceptors helps Hydrofoil SWASH CTVs
  • Sirena 88 with Fins and Interceptors
  • Offshore wind crew transfer vessel with Humphree
  • Humphree for Outer Reef 640 Classic Azure
  • New Azimut flagship with Active Trim Control
Humphree Interceptors for Multi-role crewboat
Fast executive-class crewboat, Alkahfi Chief, won Offshore Support Journal’s Support Vessel of the Year Award 2020 for its innovations, speed and design specifications.
Alkahfi Chief was designed and developed by BMT and Penguin Shipyard to transport crew and cargo to offshore facilities; it has a top speed of 30 knots and is based on the Flex-42X design, featuring three Caterpillar C32 Acert main engines and fixed-pitch propellers.Alkahfi Chief benefits from the integration of an Uptime-supplied 12-m walk-to-work system, located on the aft deck, an interceptor-based ride-control system, provided by Humphree, and a FuelTrax fuel monitoring system.


Improved fuel consumption with steering interceptors
Molslinjen’s 112 meter high-speed catamaran EXPRESS1 is the first Danish ferry to be equipped with an auto-docking system. They operates the route Rønne, Denmark – Ystad, Sweden. The SmartDock system is supplied by Wärtsilä, who has developed the world’s first auto-docking system for commercial use. The system is used by the Norwegian ferry FOLGEFONN. The program behind the system is encoded with large amounts of data consisting of best practice from all the captains of MolsLinjen.

The Express 1 was built by INCAT Australia and equipped with 4x Humphree LS 1400 Steering Interceptors. Humphree integrates Interceptor steering to high speed ferries to significantly improve fuel consumption and course keeping for waterjet propelled vessels.

Maryland Pilots Order Launch from Gladding-Hearn
Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Duclos Corporation announced  it has secured an order to build a fourth Chesapeake Class launch  for the Association of Maryland Pilots, scheduled for delivery in December 2020. A Humphree interceptor trim control system, with its Automatic Trim Optimization, will be installed at the transom.


Excellent Auto Trim for Rodman 1090 Evolution
There’s very little drama when you heave some lock through the wheel, especially when the boat is kept in line by Humphree’s excellent auto trim system. Even with that deactivated the boat turns flat and though there is very little heel it whips around at a decent rate. Southampton Water didn’t serve up anything to challenge its seakeeping but the wash of passing ferries was dispensed with ease.


Humphree Interceptors helps Hydrofoil SWASH CTVs
Danish operator World Offshore Marine has refined the design of its advanced crew transfer vessels and has two new designs under construction that it believes will revolutionise crew transfer operations. The vessels are fitted with Humphree interceptors coupled to an automatic ride control system that helps to reduce pitch and roll.


Sirena 88 with Fins and Interceptors
The Sirena 88 has range if owners want it, speed when they need it, room for a growing ­family, first-rate fit and finish, and a design that stands apart. Also equipped with Humphree All Speed Electric Fins and Interceptor bars for premium comfort and performance.


Offshore wind crew transfer vessel with Humphree
UK shipyard Diverse Marine Ltd. and crew transfer vessel service provider
Turner Iceni have announced a contract for the construction of a 24m offshore wind crew transfer vessel. Humphree Ride Control systems will provide Active Stabilisation and improved performance/reduced fuel consumption
in varied load and trim conditions.


Humphree stabilization for Outer Reef 640 Classic Azure
Made for the Med, Outer Reef’s latest model blurs the lines between traditional and contemporary. Outer Reef has long been known for building seaworthy passagemakers that can head offshore for long distances. The 640 Classic Azure is the builder’s first attempt at producing a yacht for a different style of cruising and entertaining. Outer Reef 640 Classic Azure is equipped with a Humphree interceptor system combined with fin stabilizers helps to control pitch and roll. 


New Azimut flagship with Active Trim Control
The Grande S10 is the new flagship of Azimut S for sport yacht series which since presented in 2003 with the S68 has revolutionized these type of yachts. Offering a four double cabins layout with two VIP staterooms, one forward and one to starboard, the Azimut Grande S10, presents itself as a super sport yacht with an edge in comfort. The Azimut Grande S10 is also full of latest tech from heavy carbon use in all super structure and bathing platform, glass cockpit helm station, intelligent LED lightning trough out, Electroglass Chromis skylight hard-top, and Humphree Active Trim Control. The Azimut Grande S10 is powered by twin MTU 2600hp which allow for top speeds up to 35 knots.